THU, AUGUST 20, 2020 • S1 E23 • 34 MIN 54 SEC

Cesar Hernandez

There are true warriors among us. When Life happens, you have two choices: Give up or keep fighting. My guest is an entrepreneur and CEO of Cad Stone Works, the marble installation company that has been a choice for celebrities. We also are the founder of Tax Konneckt, a Professional firm providing bookkeeping, payroll, incorporation, and tax services to small businesses and individuals. Cesar is a proud father, a husband, and his motto is: If we cross paths, I have to leave you better than I found you. If I can describe Cesar in a few words after this interview with him, he is a true warrior with high strength and resilience. Two main events change his life forever; When his father passed away and decided to come to the States. Later on, he had a terrible accident and the shocking news that he has cancer. But with the help of God and support of his amazing wife Paola, he is now enjoying life, running companies, and making this world better. Listen to this fantastic and motivational story of love and passion and money tips. I am Juan Pablo Delgado, CEO of Raise the Bar Latinx and financial pro, and you are in Quiero Dinero Podcast.



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THU, AUGUST 20, 2020


34 MIN 54 SEC