WED, FEBRUARY 3, 2021 • S1 E54 • 33 MIN 17 SEC

Hazel Ortega

Hazel shared a little bit of her backstory, and believe me is inspiring, but also, she shared a lot of golden nuggets to create wealth in your life. No matter in which stage of life you are leaving, you must have a mentor. Also, create a vision for your life; she called it a” miracle mind set,” and if you don’t know how or where to start, you can go the her website and download for free a Worksheet so you can jump on right away. You can have it in English or Español. Do you want to start making and keeping money? Listen to the Podcast interview and find out. Bio: When you know your value and acknowledge the bounty of miracles in your life, you can step into pure possibility and live like a legend! Hazel Ortega is living proof of this principle and knows what it is to settle for nothing less than a legendary life. Born in East Los Angeles and raised in downtown L.A. in a 60-unit apartment building filled with cockroaches, rats, and gang members, it was a miracle if she had lunch money growing up. Today, she is the founder of several multimillion-dollar businesses, including one of LA’s top best restaurants, the Nixon Chops and Whiskey in Whittier, and the designer sensation, Savvy Socks. Her companies have been featured in the United Nations, the LA Times, the BBC, CNN and NBC. IG: hazelortega_official



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33 MIN 17 SEC