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Humberto Guizar. Founder Of The Justice X Legal Group & PDA. Un Abogado Exitoso en USA Con Corazón De Guerrero

My Guest is Humberto Guizar. Humberto, also known to his friends and colleagues as Burt, overcame a rough juvenile gang background to become an attorney. He has been a lawyer for 34 years. He is a principal partner in the law firm of Guizar, Henderson & Carrazco, with offices in Montebello and Tustin, CA. Humberto, specializes in civil rights litigation. He also represents injured consumers in catastrophic personal injury cases. Humberto is also one of the four founders of Justice X, a collaboration of black and brown civil rights advocates committed to bringing social equality to the judicial system. Humberto is also one of the four founders of the Justice X Legal Group and the Protestors Defense Alliance (P.D.A.). The P.D.A. is a non-profit legal aid service. It was established to provide free legal services to protestors arrested in response to the infamous live killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. The P.D.A. has recruited approximately 150 lawyers from all areas of the law that are willing to provide free legal representation to protestors. In 2000 Humberto was profiled in the Daily Journal for his role in obtaining one of the first 7 figure verdicts against CRASH officers from the L.A.P.D. The front-page story was entitled “From Gang member to Attorney.” Humberto was also the lead counsel in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Ceballos v. Garcetti. Humberto has successfully prosecuted significant and challenging civil rights cases resulting in repeated 7 Figure settlements and verdicts for his clients. In 2012 Humberto was nominated for C.A.A.L.A. Trial lawyer of the year. Tuve la oportunidad de entrevistar a Humberto, y me di cuenta de que es un verdadero guerrero, orgulloso de sus raíces y al mismo tiempo, agradecido por las oportunidades que ofrece vivir en un país como Estados Unidos. Escucha la entrevista ya que contiene un poderoso mensaje para nuestra comunidad Hispana o Latina. Humberto Guizar, Esq. GUIZAR, HENDERSON & CARRAZCO, L.L.P. 3500 West Beverly Boulevard Montebello, CA 90640 Tel: (323) 725-1151 Fax: (323) 597-0101 Website: www.GHCLegal.com Credits: Smart money intro Traveler remix by Wildlight Voice: Eva Hernandez Podcast interview music background Bumbling by Pictures of Floating World Get more content here: https://paper.li/JuanPablo.Delgado.MBA



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