FRI, SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 • S2 E10 • 17 MIN 57 SEC

Ronjini Joshua. Creating Long-term Brands that Last

At first, I think you could definitely, and you should definitely try to do PR yourself, but again, there are so many nuances now, with public relations that you may not know what all the possibilities are, you don't, you might not know the strategies of how. How it affects your business, but it is directly tied to business development and sales. And most people don't see it like that. They think it's an accessory, but public relations is the way people communicate with the public to customers and to investors. We do a lot of work with announcing funding to investors or announcing funding opportunities to investors. You have to understand that public relations kind of helps you address the right audiences, right? Find out where they live and be there, be in front of them and find them. So, it's, it's a vessel of marketing. Um, it should lead to sales and, really like when we measure PR, we kind of say like, you can measure sales, you can count website visits, you can measure your engagement on LinkedIn. It's highly tied to your overall brand presence. And if you want to create a long-term brand that lasts, whether it's personal or a business or a product, you must have a PR plan. Podcast link: Website link: Credits: Smart money intro Traveler remix by Wildlight Voice: Eva Hernandez Podcast interview music background Bumbling by Pictures of Floating World



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