FRI, NOVEMBER 19, 2021 • S2 E14 • 29 MIN 16 SEC

Barbara Salazar De Luca. President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hawaii & Business owner

Aloha! Our guest is Barbara de Luca, President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. Originally from Arizona, she moved to the beautiful islands of Hawaii in 1999. Barbara started her real estate career in 2005, sharing her market knowledge with the community. She is the proud daughter of retired USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant. "It's an honor to serve those who have served and civilians alike! " she said. With a passion for connecting people, networking, and helping others grow their business, Barbara recently initiated a movement to establish the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Hawaii after years of dormancy. The mission of the Chamber is to Strengthen Hawaii's Hispanic Business Community and Foster Economic, Social and Cultural Development for all. Also, Mr. John Cruz is on the house-sharing thoughts and comments as an active member of the Board of the Chamber. Also, I am excited to have a wonderful friend and business partner as co-host to this podcast edition. She is Leatrice Grantham. Leatrice brings over 15 years of insurance expertise to the community assisting businesses and individuals with strategic future planning. Leatrice is also responsible for initiating her most recent projects to have the Wealth and Wellness (W&W) program for companies and organizations. Credits: Smart money intro Traveler remix by Wildlight Voice: Eva Hernandez Podcast interview music background Bumbling by Pictures of Floating World



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FRI, NOVEMBER 19, 2021


29 MIN 16 SEC