WED, JANUARY 6, 2021 • S1 E48 • 25 MIN 4 SEC

Alexandra Checa

My guess is a youth Latina entrepreneur.; Alexandra Checa. She shared her view of starting a business. You can call a business only when it adds value because money is one of the rewards you get when you add value to others' lives. As she mentioned: Bringing value does not have to depend on how much success or money you bring or have. You can bring value by being a loyal friend, a fair boss to your employees, a caring listener who does not try to switch the attention onto them. Alexandra noticed a lack of diversity amongst praised female entrepreneurs. She set out on a mission to change the narrative. A firm believer that ethnicity is not a barrier to enterprise, she launched Rad Pink, a brand that fuses wellness and entrepreneurship through athleisure and community. Alexandra decided to use her nutrition and fitness background to create a platform purposefully designed to empower female entrepreneurs on the rise. Alexandra advocates for creating a life where being resourceful and a self-starter is essential.



Raise the Bar Smart Money


WED, JANUARY 6, 2021


25 MIN 4 SEC