TUE, NOVEMBER 17, 2020 • S1 E43 • 24 MIN 47 SEC

Kristina Gutierrez & Sheena Rosell

My guests are two energetic and passionate women. Sheena Rosell and Kristina Gutierrez Carreon started Fresh Cut Catering in Chino, CA, in 2014. With over 14 years' experience in the culinary industry and over 12 years' experience in customer service, management, and sales, Kristina and Sheena are the perfect dynamic duo who create memorable culinary experiences. Kristina and Sheena have made it their mission to create healthier cuisines for those looking for healthier options for their corporate, wedding, banquet, special event, or on-the-go clients and continue to create custom menus for their customers. Sheena Rosell is an accomplished culinary and Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Fresh Cut Catering. As a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary graduate, Sheena has worked for and gained experience through Wolfgang Puck's Catering, Eurest Dining Services, and various restaurants. Through her work experience, she was able to see how to work and run a catering. Sheena's passion for food comes from building a healthier lifestyle by creating menus that are healthy and delicious. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, Sheena enjoys going to the gym regularly, volunteering for community outreach programs, and sharing her love for healthy cooking with others. Kristina Gutierrez Carreon is a Co-Owner and Managerial Partner of Fresh Cut Catering. Kristina has operated the business along-side partner, Sheena. Before becoming an owner of her own company, Kristina worked at companies where she acquired employee relations, business management/leadership skills, sales, and customer service skills. Kristina is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, with a bachelor's in Communications. With well-rounded employment and educational background, she has been able to apply these skills in every aspect of her business and life. When Kristina is not working, she is an accomplished singer who has performed for non-profit events, special events, and other festivities around the Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas. Kristina has also been an advocate for the American Cancer Society for the past couple of years and various community outreach programs around Southern California. She feels that giving back is the number one priority. 909-529-1667 www.freshcutcatering.us



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TUE, NOVEMBER 17, 2020


24 MIN 47 SEC