THU, SEPTEMBER 3, 2020 • S1 E27 • 23 MIN 47 SEC

Lizette Espinosa

Why building a team is paramount for success in business and life? My guest is Lizette Espinosa, President, and Co-Founder of infanttech; creator of the zooby–a baby monitor for cars and smart temp-a technology tracker of a baby’s temperature all day and night. She is a Visionary Entrepreneur with a mission and drives to create innovative technology solutions to impact and protect babies and young children. She has always been led to look beyond the norm and think about how she could make a difference by creating a global impact. As a rare commodity in the US and a Woman in STEM, she is a leader in an industry that only has 25% of women engaged. Yet is you think that this success was easy or always with a glorious and lovely path, nope, para nada amigo, think twice. Lizette Espinosa came from the story to lose it all to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Going back to 2008, she worked in the real estate industry with a developer when the real estate industry fell dramatically if you can recall. In a few months, she lost her job, the house, and being in financial fallout. But then, when she rock bottom, she went to this remarkable process of Internal recognition that she has everything that needs it – I call to have a strong mindset set and believe in yourself. Before this entrepreneurial venture, she had her law office, protecting the innocent is in her DNA. She graduated from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and USC. She believes in self-development as part of her educational process and has taken Mastery in Transformational Training for herself and what she creates. She was a 2018 Cohort member of Dr. Yasmin Davidd’s Leadership Institute, focusing on Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and became an advisor in 2019. She just completed a Management Development Course for Entrepreneurs at UCLA. She recently won the Latinas of Influence in the US and was featured in a women’s global magazine this winter. She is passionate about supporting other women business owners. She is very proud of being an immigrant that came from Mexico when she was five years old. She credits much of her success to her parents that influenced her always to keep striving.



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23 MIN 47 SEC