TUE, APRIL 5, 2022 • S2 E18 • 28 MIN 41 SEC

Jose Ochoa. Award-winning Mexican American entrepreneur

My guest is Jose Ochoa. He is an award-winning Mexican American entrepreneur, engineer, and business innovation evangelist. He started multi-million-dollar companies in the US and Mexico, Global Containers & Custom Packaging Inc., a logistics and packaging company, and Reikoku, a consumer electronics line. “Quiero cambiar el paradigma empresarial de ir tras lo que quieres, a enfocarte más bien en quién necesitas ser para llegar allí”. “I want to change the entrepreneurial paradigm from going after what you want to focus rather on who you need to become to get there.” Jose is a mentor of entrepreneurs in Latin America, supporting Wadhwani Foundation in its mission to create employment via entrepreneurship. In 2017, Global Containers won the City of El Paso, Texas’ ‘Exporter of the Year’ award, earning José a commendation letter from a former member of the US House of Representatives and Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke. Accolades aside, as a successful Latino business innovator, José helps entrepreneurs start and operate companies in the US and Latin America. His latest venture, Reikoku Consulting, provides growth solutions for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or companies wishing to develop their key employees’ intrapreneurial skills. https://globalcontainers.net/ LinkedIn Juan Pablo Delgado, MBA Credits: Smart money intro Traveler remix by Wildlight Voice: Eva Hernandez Podcast interview music background Bumbling by Pictures of Floating World



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TUE, APRIL 5, 2022


28 MIN 41 SEC